September 30, 2009 17:41
A collective prayer dedicated to killed Nizhny Novgorod residents held on the island of Mochalny
On the commemoration day of Saints Faith, Hope, Love, and their Mother Sophia, a collective prayer and a memorial service were held on the island of Mochalny commemorating Nizhny Novgorod residents killed there during the Soviet Union, including members of the clergy and laity.

Such prayers have been held every year for ten years. The services take place in front of a stationary cross installed on the place of mass killings.

Archpriest Vyacheslav Senichev, rector of the Holy Theotokos Temple, officiated the services.

About 100 believers coming by ship from Nizhny Novgorod prayed at the services. Among them were the victims' relatives, sisters of charity, physically handicapped people, parishioners of temples, where the killed priests served.

After the services a religious procession was held around the territory where the construction of a chapel in honor of the New Martyrs and the holy Martyrs Faith, Hope, Love, and their Mother Sophia is in prospect. Father Vyacheslav mentioned that Archbishop Georgy of Nizhny Novgorod and Arzamas blessed the construction.

According to the organizers of this trip, over 5000 people were killed from the summer of 1918 till the end of the '30s. 15 monks of Oransky Monastery and their Father Superior Archimandrite Augustine were among the first killed there. Many of the victims were canonized in 2000 as New Martyrs.

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